Crowdfunding projects

Micro Mafia Thriller Epic Feature Film
Micro Mafia  Feature Film The Richest man in the world has just knowingly bought stolen source code from a Ga
funded: 1.5429%
days to go: 510
Who's The Next Picasso TV Series 2 Full Seasons
Who's The Next Picasso Ongoing Episodes 12 Elimination Rounds Final Round Filmed Live From Las Vegas
funded: 5.08%
days to go: 510
Mr "X" Feature Film
Mr. X Full Length Big Budget Feature Film   A Shocking Thriller about one man, the Ghost in the machine kn
funded: 34.5142%
days to go: 510
Whats Your Sexy TV Series 24 Episodes
" Whats Your Sexy? " Comedy TV Series 24 Episodes Filmed Throughout the USA   Whats Your Sexy is a new
funded: 13.625%
days to go: 510
Movie Development Fund 1
Movie Production Fund 1 To Develop a Portfolio of 12 Movie Projects via "Money In Trade Profits" All
funded: 75.019%
days to go: 510
Exotic Destinations TV Series 24 Episodes
Exotic Destinations TV Series 24 Episodes, 2 Full Seasons   Show Concept:   Exotic Destinat
funded: 72.76%
days to go: 510

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