Movie Development Fund 1


Iastra Admin

Iastra Admin
Category Humanitarian Projects
Target amount 1000000
Current amount 750190
Ending date Oct 14

Project description

Movie Production Fund 1

To Develop a Portfolio of 12 Movie Projects via "Money In Trade Profits"

All Film Projects Completed will be distributed Exclusively by Iastra Digital Entertainment Association's (IDEA's) Global Live Broadcast Platform.


Movie Production Fund 1will be developing a portfolio of 12 movie projects in $5 Million Dollar Budget Range.


Historically this is the most profitable part of the movie business with huge upside returns and very limited downside risk spread across 12 movies, where only 1 hit is required to make a tremendous profit.


Your Contribution is Vital to make this a reality, Please help us with a completely tax deductible contribution. For people that want to make a significantly larger contribution please do contact us directly to discuss specific terms of your contribution.


We are happy to accommodate you.



For More information Please visit: 


Thank You for your generous contribution we look forward to making these Great Movies.


Click on the "Donate" Button to make a contribution to this Movie Production Fund that will develop a Portfolio of 12 Fantastic Movies.




The Wall

Alex Thorn
Nov 27 '16
Developing a portfolio of 12 movies
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